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"Technology solutions are the driving force of any company, and we aim to be at the steering wheel."
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Frank Banda

CEO & Director

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We are proud to have worked with some major companies internationally

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What we do

Providing good software development capabilities and a wide range of solutions to a variety of client problems is our specialty.

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SMS AggregationPopular

Wirepick is a leading provider of secure, fast, and reliable enterprise SMS solutions. Our base for SMS gateway is a world leading platform which allows bulk SMS service alerts, OPT, etc. service for out client.


USSD Integration

Our strong capabilities and experience in USSD development allow us to develop tailor made USSD solutions to drive business growth for our clients.


Software Development

Custom mobile, web & desktop application solutions. Covering all project phases: requirements gathering, development, data migration, staff training, maintenance, and support, all tailored to your business needs.


IT Consultancy & Project Management

Our IT Consultancy and Project Management services enable medium range enterprises to help them modernize their applications, aiding them to grow their businesses further.

Some of our most exciting projects

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Smart Invoicing Integrators

The Zambia Revenue Authority has introduced the Smart Invoicing system which will require all registered taxpayers to issue electronic invoices using the Smart Invoice with effect 1st July, 2024. Wirepick is one of the few integrators selected to integrate the system with various companies.

Our platform will offer an invoice system to companies that do not have a platform to do so. We will also offer integration to companies that have an invoicing system.

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Farmer input Support Program

The Government of Zambia has set up an initiative that helps farmers with input called Farmer Input Support Program - FISP. Wirepick has partnered with the participating banks in collecting FISP deposits from all 10 provinces and has set up agents in 116 Districts.

In the 2022/2023 farming season we were the second highest collecting agent for one of the participating banks we worked with. We are an aggregator for collections, and we collaborate with financial institutions such as banks using our customized, state-of-the-art mobile application.

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Tele Doctor Zambia

Wirepick is proud to be a key partner in the development of Tele Doctor Zambia, a leading online health services platform. Our team has been instrumental in building a system that prioritizes patient care and accessibility.

Leveraging our expertise in software development and project management, we have helped create a user-friendly patient portal that allows individuals to easily access health services and engage with healthcare professionals.

Visit Tele Doctor Zambia
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Community Development Fund

We have developed an application to manage CDF collections in partnership with financial institutions. In the past the process was manual, but we have created a digital model that will make the process seamless.

In addition, this application will allow different target groups to access funds easily through the system. Our application will allow target groups to monitor different disbursements, repayments and monitoring.

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Agency Banking

With our vast experience in project management, we have partnered with financial institutions to offer agency banking services on their behalf. Wirepick oversees onboarding, management, training, and monitoring of agents.

We offer a wide range of agency banking in all 116 districts. The agency network is led and supported by Wirepick’s projects team.

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Malikana Mulele - Sales

Benefits of working with us

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    Experts in Modernization

    With our vast experience in Financial services and Fintech, we offer software development, third-party integrations, and IT consultation to modernize your business environment.

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    Cloud Migration and Interface Development

    We specialize in migrating from legacy systems to cloud-based applications and developing interfaces for web, mobile and desktop platforms, turning new technology ideas into reality.

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    Digital Transformation and Mobile Technology

    Our team has extensive experience in digital transformation and mobile technology, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital area.

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    24/7 Customer Service

    We are committed to providing round-the-clock customer service, ensuring continuous support for the clients' needs.

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An effective team with great performance track record

"Leadership is the creation of an environment in which others are able to self-actualize in the process of completing the job." ~ John Mellecker

Trusted by major clients with effective partnerships locally and internationally

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